Environmental and Ecology Programs

Our Environmental and Ecology programs offer real, hands on learning by local experts

Imagine taking your students learning to the next level through carefully crafted real world lessons. In 4-H Camp Overlook’s Environmental programs, students are scientists learning and discovering about the natural world! Whether through aquatic studies, habitat investigations, a wild edibles class, or games linked to understanding the food web, students of all ages come home with a better understanding and respect of the Adirondacks.  Classes can be tied back to classroom curriculum, state standards, or student interest. Elementary, Middle, High Schoolers, & Homeschoolers welcome!

The goal of our environmental programs:

– Where learning is a product of discovery & guidance

– Place-based education – Unique educational opportunities

– A knowledgeable & enthusiastic professional team

– Keep program goal central: Enriching students lives

You can click on the ‘year round programs’ tab to fill out a program inquiry form!

Or more information about Camp Overlook’s Environmental programs, contact Erica Kelso, Program Director, at 518-483-7403, or send an email to emf236@cornell.edu for more information.

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