2017 Summer Camp Classes

Each year, we strive to offer fun, exciting classes for our campers, and 2017 proves to be no different!  Classes are 1 period and offered all 6 weeks, unless otherwise noted. Campers will choose 4 classes and 1 alternate.  Every camper takes Red Cross Swim lessons, taught by certified lifeguards.

New!  Pathfinder
 Learn essential skills for backpacking and hiking in the wilderness! Campers will participate in activities such as pitching a tent, practicing Leave No Trace principles, orienteering, and an introduction into outdoor cooking. Come Wednesday Pathfinder campers will take an afternoon hike up nearby Owls Head Mountain to put their new learned skills to the test, and even cook dinner on top of the peak!. This class is offered to campers of all ages and fills in one class period per day. Pathfinder is part of our wilderness leadership series, for more information, visit the M.A.A.P. page on our website! Offered Weeks 2, 3 & 5.

Wilderness Survival (2 Class Periods)
Ever wonder what you would do if you got lost in the dsc_0013woods? Do you like to be outdoors and explore? In “Wilderness Survival”, you’ll learn essential skills to help you be prepared for any adventure outdoors. You’ll learn how to make shelters, build fires, set up a camp, find your way in the woods, and identify safe and unsafe plants.

How well do you know the creatures that make the Adirondacks their
home?  In this class you will learn about the wildlife that lives in the woods and water around 4-H Camp Overlook.  You will look high in the trees, explore the water, and learn about what moves through the woods during the day and night.  You will also learn how to recognize these creatures by their tracks, sounds, droppings, what they eat and where they live.  Get involved with many hands-on activities.

Fishing DSC_0407
Whether you take fishing seriously or do it as a leisure activity, there’s nothing like feeling a tug on the end of your line!  Campers will learn about fishing techniques, fish habitat and safety, while relaxing on our beautiful fishing dock.  Poles and equipment provided.

NEW! Gardening
Get your hands dirty in our new camp garden! Together we will discover where our food comes from. We will taste fresh vegetables straight from the garden, tend and harvest crops, collect seeds, make compost, learn about worms, insects and pollinators and explore our natural environment in hands-on science based learning.

Adventure Course Classes

Adventure 1 :dsc_0058-2
Campers in the Level 1 class participate in a variety of games and fun group initiatives designed to develop trust and teamwork.

Adventure Class 2: (2 Class Periods) Age limit 12 and up.  
Participants focus on team-building and communication skills through the use of group initiatives and low ropes elements. Campers also learn spotting and safety techniques as they move through our ropes course. Age limit 12 and up or 11 and up with Level 1 experience.Staff training

Adventure Course 3: (2 Class Periods) Age limit 13 and up with at least 3 years of Adventure Course experience.  
Campers will spend the majority of their time on low & high elements including the Burma Bridge and the Zip Line. Groups will learn advance problem solving and leadership skills.


Archery Novice Minimum age 8.
No previous archery experience necessary! Campers learn the parts of the bow and archeryarrow, archery safety, and practice to develop shooting skills.

Archery Intermediate Minimum age 10 or 1 year of camp archery experience.
In this level campers will improve upon their aim and shooting skills, while working on more advance targets and games.

Archery Advanced Minimum age 12 or 2 years of camp archery experience.
Campers learn the parts of a compound bow and develop advanced shooting skills. Designed for those who have archery experience, or have taken our previous archery classes.  Curriculum includes challenging games and archery challenges!staff photo 7

Campers will be able to identify the main parts of a sailboat, learn rigging and shoring procedures and understand how to right an overturned or tipped sailboat.  Campers must wear life jackets and are under the supervision of Red Cross Certified Lifeguards.

Canoeing and Kayaking dsc_1091
J-Stroke, C-Stroke or Draw? Learn the difference between these types of canoe strokes and glide effortlessly across the water! Camp has added kayaks to its water sports fleet, giving campers an opportunity to try out this exciting sport.

Arts & Crafts 
This perennial camp favorite incorporates a wide variety of art forms including textiles, painting, sculpture,miniatures, crafts from recycled materials and much more! This class allows campers to take home DSC_0180several hand made camp memories.Since the curriculum changes year to year, there is always something new to create.

Painting Now Open to all ages. 
Explore the wonderful world of painting in this class! Campers will work with both watercolor and tempera paints, and be introduced to many different painting styles. Bring out your inner artist!

Drama: Improvisation 
Do you love acting, playing games, and thinking on your feet? Develop your stage presence while hamming it up with friends in this exciting performing arts class. Campers will have a blast while working on under the guidance of our most charismatic counselors. dsc_0101

Camp RAP 
Do you like to move, run, and be active? Come play like you’ve never played before in Camp R.A.P.! Every day will be a new adventure as you learn some brand new games and play classics like soccer, volleyball, or Capture the Flag. The goal of this class is to “Have FUN” and you will, as you work with your team to become a Rec Field Hero.

Air Gun Marksmanship   Ages 10 and up.
Child must be able to hold and support the weight of the gun. Feel the sense of accomplishment as you improve your target score with every shot! Campers will use air-airgunpowered pellet guns to learn gun safety, range procedures and basic marksmanship, while under the careful supervision of 4-H Shooting Sports staff.

NEW! Advanced Air Gun  Ages 11 and up.
Advanced Air Gun is for campers 11 and up who have already taken Air Gun and want to further their skills. These campers will learn new shooting positions and have new advanced challenges, as well as more shooting time on the range. 

NEW! Camp Newspaper  Class size limited to 10 campers per week. 
Campers get to try their hand at being a reporter. They can choose to interview counselors, write an article or short story, think up fun horoscopes, poll the camp, make an art page, and more. Each camper will make their own page for the weekly newspaper. Campers in the class will receive their own copy of the newspaper, and will have their work uploaded to the camp website!

Cooking class  (Two class periods) Class size limited to 10 campers per week. 
Learn basic cooking and backing techniques while cooking camp classics and new favorites! Basic culinary and nutrition skills are covered, and you get to taste all your creations.  NEW! Class now offered all weeks! ~additional $10 fee~ UPDATE CLASS FULL WEEKS 2, 4, 5 & 6!  Limited availability Weeks 1 & 3 – Register now!

Build a Bench (Two class periods) Class size limited to 8 campers ages 12 and up.dsc_0002
Campers will learn the fundamentals of pioneer woodworking using primitive tools. Campers will then fashion their own half-log wooden bench. Learn a life skill, and bring home a beautiful piece of Adirondack furniture! – Offered week 5 only ~additional $25 fee~

Paddle making (Two class periods) Class size limited to 10 campers ages 12 and up.
Have you ever dreamed of carving your very own canoe paddle? Create a work of art that is also functional from Adirondack Cherry wood to bring home! Students will learn the basics of woodworking in this class. – Offered week 5 only ~additional $15 fee~

Counselor in Training Classes (CIT)

CIT 1 – Must be age 14 by June 20th.
If you are interested in becoming a camp counselor this course is for you! The CIT I program introduces campers to the philosophy of Camp Overlook, including camp traditions, songs, and safety rules.  Available Weeks 3, 4, & 5. 

CIT 2 – Must be age 15 by June 20th.
The CIT II program focuses on leadership styles, the importance of communication, developing teamwork, and techniques for working with children.  Available weeks 3, 4, & 5. 

CIT 3 – (ALL Class periods) Must be age 16 by June 20.  
Leadership in the Making. This is a program for campers, 16 years of age, who are looking for a completely unique camp experience! Participants will be involved with all aspects of camp, but be on a separate and specialized learning tract that prepares them for future leadership roles. CIT III’s will spend the morning two class periods with the Camp Director/Assistant Director further developing their skills as CIT 2014 Sillyemerging camp counselors. The afternoon classes (all three periods) will be spend conducting in-depth team building and leadership activities that are directly applicable to pursuits in school, college and careers. This exciting experience will allow participants to work closely with their peer group, while developing valuable skills and lifelong friendships. 16 year olds interested in this class would register as a  traditional camper and choose only this class.  Available Weeks 1 and 2 only.

In addition to these classes, campers are automatically enrolled in:

Swimming All campers at 4-H Camp are automatically assigned a swim class for their week at camp.  After  camp registration on Sunday you will take a swim assessment down at our beach and placed into a Red Cross swim class.  You will get a change to advance your swim skills, spend time on our beautiful beach, and have FUN! Swimming is a lifelong skill that many generations in the North Country can say they first learned at Camp Overlook!staff photo 5

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