Summer Camp Packing List

Packing list (for Campers!)

  •  A warm sleeping bag or at least 2-3 blankets & a sheet, and a small pillow.
  • Play clothes (shorts, t-shirts, jeans, etc.). Have 2-3 EXTRA changes of clothes such as underwear, socks.
  • Sneakers/closed toe shoes (and an extra pair of shoes if possible)
  •  Warm clothing (Hooded sweatshirt) in case of cool, rainy weather.
  •  A raincoat and waterproof footwear.
  • Swimsuit and Beach towel
  • Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, 2 towels, a wash cloth, and a comb or brush. Optional: small mirror and shower shoes (flip-flops)
  • Insect repellent—stick or lotion preferred.
  • Sunscreen
  • Flashlight and a book

Optional clothing

  • a hat (a beanie for cool mornings, or a baseball cap for sunny afternoons!)
  • A white tee-shirt, pillowcase, or other white items for Tie Dye. (Done each week during free time, weather permitting).
  • a skirt, dress, or nice shirt for our Thursday night dance (campers are welcome to come as they are and are not required to dress up, but some campers love to get fancy and celebrate!)
  • Fun, funky, dress up clothes and costumes for evening programs like the talent show, skits, carnival, etc.

Optional items

  • disposable camera
  • pen, pencil, and notebook
  • athletic equipment for free time
  • A water bottle (with campers name labeled on it!)

**Cloverbud campers—Don’t forget your teddy bear or favorite stuffed animal for the teddy bear parade!  **

Please do NOT bring:

  • Food, soda, candy
  • Electronics, including NO cell phones, tablets, kindles, or other smart devices.  In addition no hand held games, radios, cd players, etc.—camp is not responsible for loss or damage to electronics. Please leave them at home! If  found, camp staff will place these items in the camp safe for the remainder of the week.
  • Extra money is NOT allowed. (you won’t need it!) Camp is not responsible for loss
  • Absolutely NO: Knives, hatchets, BB or Air file guns.
  • Absolutely NO: Alcohol or Tobacco products of any kind including cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or e-cigarettes or vapes of any kind. 

Special Considerations for first time Camp attendee’s

Avoid bringing anything new or valuable to camp. With many children living in the same cabin for five days, the possibility of lost or misplaced clothing is very high. Please initial clothing and towels with a permanent maker, especially camp store purchases (we can do this by request when you purchase the items on Sunday!)

Packing list (For Parents or Guardians!)

  • Prescription authorization for medications – Filled out on Health Form and signed by a doctor. Please keep medications in original bottles and bring it with you to registration. No need to bring general over the counter medications (OTC’s) – we have them at our infirmary!
  • Signed permission slip if leaving camp with anyone other than a legal guardian or parent.
  • Make sure all clothing and gear is labeled with your child’s name!

Due to the size of our cabins and number of campers, please limit luggage so it can fit under or at the foot of the bed. Thank you!

Special consideration: We perform lice checks on all campers and counselors during registration. Anyone with nits or eggs or evidence of lice will be sent home for treatment and required to wash all bedding and clothing. We recommend doing a screening at home before registration, or even a preventative lice treatment to ensure your child is lice free before attending camp. When getting your kids ready to go to camp this summer, tell them not to share…at least not hats, brushes or any other objects that touch the hair!

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  1. Thank you this helped me so much this is gonna be my first time!!! IM GOING TO LOVE IT!!!!!❤️❤️❤️ I’m already packed😅

  2. I can’t wait this helped me so muchhh!!!! I CANT WAIT ITS GONNA BE MY FIRST TIME💖💜❤️👏🏻SO EXCITED….TO EXCITED…IM ALREADY PACKED😅😅😅

    • Hi Noelle, That is a great question! During summer, campers can write letters back to their families and friends during the week. Mail is picked up and delivered everyday before lunch. We also offer the option to send a message from families to campers through a service called Bunk1. These messages will be printed out everyday just like a real letter and placed in the camp mailbox during the Summer Camp Season (CB through Week 6).

  3. My daughter went to camp last year, she had so much fun! She does want to share they have a dance at the end of the week and she wished she had brought a dress.

    • Thank you, Tanya! Some campers do love to dress up for the dance while others just wear their regular camp clothing. We should include it as an optional item on the list so those who want to feel prepared. Thanks for the reminder!

      • Yes! Thank you for adding it. My daughter was very anxious that she was the “only girl” without a dress last year.

  4. For other camps as in horse and baking will we need say boots or an apron

  5. kyani leonard and amya leonard and tyneshia peebls

    I want to go

  6. I can’t wait to go to camp and the packing list it helped a lot thank you

    • Hello Corrie,
      A sleeping bag works great, but you can also use sheets and blankets. Just make sure to bring an extra blanket in case of a chilly night!

    • We suggest sunscreen in liquid form, but a spray is fine too, it just needs to be put on outside of the cabin.

      We require the bug repelent to be stick or lotion (or the wipes or bracelets work great!) and not spray because we have several campers that are quite allergic to it, and in aerosol form it is quite hard to control where it goes.

      • Thank you for that explanation. I was confused about the bug repellent vs the sunscreen.

    • You can bring spray sun screen but lotion is highly recommended

  7. I have my son use an all natural buy spray in a small pump.This is because of his contact skin reactions to so many products and fragrances. If he applies it outside will this work?

    • This should be fine. We like to avoid the aerosols with lots of chemicals because of allergies. An all natural pump should be fine as long as it is used outdoors. Thanks for checking!

  8. So will there be a shop we can buy like shirts or souvenirs? If so, how can we bring money to get them?

    • Hello Sophia! We have a camp store which is open during Registration drop off on Sunday and Pick-up on Friday evening. You can purchase tee shirts, sweatshirts and other 4-H items then with cash or check. During the camp week you do not need money, as the camp store is only open when parents are picking up and dropping off!

  9. What about clover buds? Is this list the same? Do they need a dress? Do they really need 2 bathing towels or just 1? Thanks!

    • Hello Morgan! You are correct, this packing list is specified for full week campers. Our cloverbudders do not really need two bathing towels, since they are there for a shorter stay. They do also not need a dress or any ‘fancy’ clothes, as they do not do a camp dance. Great question!

  10. Quick tip I learned for packing: Rubbermaid style totes and bins can work a lot better than suitcases and make it easier to organize and clean for cabin inspection! I wish I knew this last year because I had a hard time organizing and may have cost us cleanest cabin!

  11. I love 4-H camp and I am really excited for it this year. Being my second year, I will be more prepared.

  12. Not on the packing list but a water bottle is always a good idea 🙂

    • We agree, we will add this! Thank you for the input! (we do have water fountains, but nothing beats a water bottle!)

  13. So excited! End of December and I’m already looking at this! This will be my second year!

    • Polaroid campers are fine to bring to camp. Please be aware, as with any valuable items, camp is not liable for any lost or stolen items.

  14. Can we video parts of our trip. I have a little sister who is wanting to go but is unsure. So, to ensure she wants to go I want to show her how much fun camp is.

    • Yes, you are allowed to video outdoors at camp during free time. We do not recommend expensive video equipment that can get lost or misplaced. You can also ask us to keep hold of any video cameras in our office, and you can ‘check it out’ during free time, that way we can insure it is kept safe!

  15. Also if you have to take medicine can you bring that with you?

    • Yes, please bring any medications with you to our registration, and you would turn those into the nurse at that time. She will hold onto them and make sure you get the appropriate dose at the appropriate time! Our health form has more information about prescription medications.

  16. Also what is the difference between regular camp and camp cloverbud

    • Cloverbud camp is 3 days, 2 nights, and is for campers 6-8 years old. Regular camp is a week long, and for campers 8 and up!

  17. A pillow with the sleeping bag would be a great thing to add,because with a sleeping bag you have nothing to rest your head on!

  18. I am going to 4-H camp! I am super excited! Do we need all this for the camp also???

  19. Is there a shortened list for the Cloverbud Campers?

    • Hello Karissa!

      Currently we do not have a shortened Cloverbud list. Most items would be the same, just less quantity! Also, Cloverbud campers do not need a white shirt for tie dye or funky clothes for the dance. We look forward to seeing you soon!

  20. Hello,
    My daughter Karley is attending your cloverbud camp next week!! ( I have a very excited 8 yr old 😁)
    I am going through the packing list and wondering if she needs to bring a white t shirt to tie dye, a dress for a dance on Thursday or funky dress up clothes?? I just don’t want to miss anything..
    Thank you so much for time!!
    Kelly Griffin

    • Hi Kelly!
      Cloverbud campers do not need to bring a white shirt for tie dye, or funky dance clothes. Those are just for our full week-ers. Thanks for checking, we look forward to seeing you soon!

  21. Hi…can you share more about the talent show and skits? My 9 year old will be stoked to participate!

    • Hello! Our camper/counselor talent show is on Wednesday. Campers (individually or as a cabin) can sign up during the week. We have anything from Ukulele playing to funny cabin skits. We encourage everyone to participate, or just watch the show!

  22. Are you alowed to change what you signed up for at camp

    • Yes! You can call the office at 518.483.4769 to change your classes, or wait until Sunday of registration to make the switch.

  23. I am inquiring about a special packing list for those children enrolled in the Alpine Adventure program. Specifically if they’ll need a special ruck?

  24. Oh my goodness this was so so helpful to me and I am so excited for camp you have no idea!!!😆 Today is the first day of summer for me and I’m already starting to pack!!😜 So excited!!!!!!!😊

  25. I am soooooooooo excited for camp 2020 is awesome this is the first year l get to go but l was wondering what happens if camp is ful and how do you get a website that shows pics of the one in Colombiana Alabama like all of the activities and what the dorm rooms look like?🦄

  26. I have a problem, my mom sings me a song before I go to bed and I have a sound machine that makes rain noise and I can’t sleep without them so I was wondering if I could bring a MP3 player with those on it. It would stay in my back-pack all day and I would only need it at night.

  27. Hi so I’m going to camp this year But for 2020 is there a dance

  28. Can we bring Polaroid cameras to camp? My friend said they can not go so I wanted to take pictures to show them how it was.

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