Debra and Stiles Wedding at Camp!

Life at Camp

Each day at camp invites new adventures, challenges, and fun.  With a broad range of themed weeks from Superhero Week to Roaring Twenties Week, an ever-evolving selection of classes to choose from, and fresh, new faces joining the camp family each year, campers can expect welcome surprises at every turn.  Within this exciting progression however, Camp Overlook is deeply rooted in traditions that many parents remember from when they were campers.  These include things like meal-time songs, the “top-secret” Polar Bear club, and the camper/counselor talent show.  As we strive to make the best better, the core values of camp are what keep campers and counselors coming back for more.

Here’s a look at a “normal” day at Camp Overlook:
(Be aware that all times are subject to loud outbursts of song, dancing, and/or squad challenges)

7:00am — Polar Bear Swim

7:30am — Morning Wake Up Bugle

8:00am — Morning Flag Ceremony and Announcements

8:15am — Breakfast

8:45am — Squad Duties & Song Time

9:00am — Cabin Clean-Up & Daily Inspection

Campers after a cabin inspection in front of Oneida.

Praise Debra!

10:00am — First Period Class

10:45am — Second Period Class

11:30am — Free Time

11:45am — KP Before

12:00pm — Lunch

12:45pm — Rest & Cabin Time

1:30pm — 3rd Period Class

2:15pm — 4th Period Class

Group of campers show of their targets from the Air Gun range.

Campers showing off their shooting skills at the air gun range during the summer of 2021.

3:00pm — Snack Time

3:15pm — 5th Period Class

4:00pm — 6th Period Class

4:45pm — Free Time

5:30pm — KP Before

5:45pm — Evening Flag Ceremony, Announcements

6:00pm — Dinner

6:45pm — Free Time

7:30pm — Evening activity (Program, Talent Show, or Dance)

The Rec Hall all decorated for our Thursday night dance.

Campers dancing the night away during Olympics week during summer of 2021.

9:00pm — Vespers

9:30pm — Lights Out

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  1. Sounds fun!!!!!!!!!:)Can’t wait!!!!!Its a little $$$$ but,it’s worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Omg can’t wait 2 go this summer me carleigh, claire ,Alex ,grace ,chelsEy forever!!

  3. This summer will be my 4th summer coming here! It’s so much fun

  4. 4-H Camp Overlook is my absolute most favorite place on earth. I miss it so much. Mr. & Mrs. Tuggey were great people to look up to when I was younger. I was a camper for 10 years and a Counselor for 1. I can’t wait to send my son there when he is old enough. It is probably my best childhood memory and taught me so much. <3

  5. I was a counselor in the early 80’s and those summers are some of the best of my life. I would give anything to go back and experience camp again. Thank you for the memories and so glad to see the camp is still going strong!

  6. This is going to be my first ever summer here and I was wondering what the KP at the 11:30 freetime was and what Vespers is. I don’t want to be confused at camp!

    • Hi Alex-Ann! KP stands for Kitchen Patrol – each camper is assigned a squad, and we have ‘squad duties’. Kitchen Patrol is just one of them! If it is your day your squad will help set-up the meal. Vespers is our night campfire where we sing songs and tell stories. And dont worry, we have an orientation the first day where we explain all of this so you do not get confused. We cant wait to meet you!

  7. what time do we need to get dropped off by?

  8. I have been going for 2 years now I highly recommend it for your child! It is so much fun and the food is very tasty!

  9. How does pickup on Friday work? What time do we pick up our campers? Would an 11 yr old boy get embarrassed getting bunk notes? Please be honest, I do not want to embarrass my son too bad.

  10. Hi Cassandra! Pick-up on Friday is 7pm. We have a brief closing ceremony for families and campers. If you need to come earlier that is fine, just give our office a call at 518.485.0381 to let them know! As for Bunk Notes, all of our campers really enjoy getting them, even our older gentlemen 15+, so I assume your 11 year old would also enjoy them. They are printed out every day around noon and delivered by cabin then. I would estimate about 2/3 of our campers receive them (we print out 70-80 per day!), so they are quite common and well loved by campers. The traditional snail mail letter is also always welcome 🙂 thank you for your questions!

    • Polar Bear swim is an awesome, super secret club that….*maybe*….does an early morning (before the bugle) swim! Totally optional, but super fun.

  11. I was wondering if my camper and her friend could bring their violin and viola to camp for the talent show. We understand if it would not be possible. Thanks for any info you might have.

    • Yes, of course! Campers are always welcomed to bring instruments. Many of them choose to store them in our office for safe keeping, and take them out during free time for practice. If she would like to do that, just have her bring her instruments during registration to the camp office in the Main Lodge!

  12. OMG I can’t wait!! Love it so much Ian going 2 weeks!!!☀️☀️🗽

  13. Can’t wait for Bombaders! (I probably spelled it wrong) I may have done bad last year but I will be on lookout at all times this year!

  14. Can i Bring My own Basketball there? And What can i do for free time?

    • Yes, you can bring our own sports equipment to camp! You can use it during free time to play catch with a friend. During free time we have free play, where you can play ultra square, basketball, soccer, volleyball, frisbee, tag…the list is almost endless! Other days we have organized events going on like tie dye or a capture the flag challenge. Most days we run free swim, canoe, and sail. You can also relax with a friend or read a book or play cards.

      • Yes! Campers can bring their own books to read during rest hour, free time, and in the evening. We also have a small library with books for all ages for campers to read if they do not have one from home.

    • Free time is usually used for outdoor time, or to shower. We do have a rest hour each day after lunch which many campers use to nap!

    • Hello Jess! 4-H Camp Overlook is for campers ages 6-19. 6-8 Year olds come to cloverbud camp which is 3 days, two nights, and 8 and up come to our traditional one week overnight camp.

  15. Do you know what the theme is for week 2?

  16. I love this place! I come every year, but last year I missed it and summer wasn’t the same. Can’t wait to come back!

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