CIT Program

Counselor in Training (CIT) at Camp Overlook

Do you ever wonder how our staff became so amazing? It is because many of them participated in camp’s Counselor in Training program. Our CIT courses are for campers interested in one day becoming staff, or who are looking for a more intensive leadership experience.

CIT 1 program introduces campers to the philosophy of Camp Overlook and is one class period out of the week. The curriculum includes camp traditions, songs, and safety rules with a focus on communication skills and building towards being team oriented. The CITs will work with a senior counselor and will have the opportunity to perform a skit in our weekly talent show! (Classes run week 3, 4 & 5.)

CIT 2 continues this training with a focus on leadership and communication, and also lasts one class period. The CIT 2 program focuses on leadership styles, the deepening communication skills, developing teamwork, critical thinking and techniques for working with children. The CITs will work with a different staff member each day and the same senior counselor throughout the week. This group will also have the opportunity to perform a skit in our weekly talent show! (Classes run week 3, 4, & 5.)

CIT 3 is a full week course (no additional classes are taken) where participants will be enrolled in a specialized learning tract that prepares them for future leadership roles at camp. This is a program for campers who are looking for a completely unique camp experience!   CIT III’s will spend the morning two class periods with the Camp Director/Assistant Director further developing their skills as emerging camp counselors.  Two periods in the afternoon  will be spend conducting in-depth team building and leadership activities that are directly applicable to pursuits in school, college and careers.  Later in the week they will have the opportunity to experience the high ropes course as part of their confidence and leadership training. The final period is spent shadowing a program area of interest, whether it be archery, arts & crafts, swimming, environmental education, or adventure. The CIT 3 course allow participants to work closely with their peer group, while developing valuable skills and lifelong friendships. (Available week 1 & 2 ONLY.)

CIT Part 1 is Weeks 3-5 Only (Age 14 by June 20th)
CIT Part 2 is Weeks 3-5 Only (Age 15 by June 20th)
CIT Part 3 is Weeks 1-2 Only (Age 16 by June 20th)

To become a CIT, follow the instructions on the Online Registration and choose either the CIT 1 & 2 while building your class schedule or choose the CIT 3 program!


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