Camp Newspaper

We introduced our camp newspaper class starting in 2017. In the class campers get to try their hand at being a reporter. They can choose to interview counselors, write an article or short story, think up fun horoscopes, poll the camp, make an art page, and more.  Campers in the class will receive their own copy of the newspaper, and will have their work uploaded to the camp website!

All the newspapers are completely written, edited, and designed by the campers – Even the photos come from our camper photojournalists! Enjoy!

DSC_0001 (2)

To view past newspapers, click on the links below!


Week 1 Pirates vs Zombies
Week 2 – S’winter Page 1 / Page 2
Week 3 – Super Senses Page 1 / Page 2
Week 4 – Harry Potter Page 1 / Page 2
Week 5 – Greek Week Page 1 / Page 2
Week 6 – Beach Week Page 1 / Page 2

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