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Final Payments & Health Forms are due!

Parents – Final payments and health forms were due June 1st.  If you have not already, please get these forms in to our office ASAP, or call Teresa at 518.483.4769 to ensure we hold your spot for this summer. 5 weeks until camp starts full time!!

Happy Earth Day! Spend it dreaming of camp ;-)

Happy Earth Day 2014

Camper Applications are pouring in!

Here at the Camp Overlook office we are excited about two things: The amount of Camper Applications we are receiving and the idea that Summer is right around the corner (we hope…?!). Make sure you get your applications in early to ensure your first choice of weeks. Spaces are filled on a first come, first serve basis! Confirmation replies will go out after April 1st. 

Franklin and St. Lawrence County Campers, you only have a few days left to meet the April 1st deadline for Scholarship Applications!

We also welcome to the camp family Teresa Peterson as our new camp registrar!

14 Weeks until Camp starts!!



We are hiring!

4-H Camp Overlook is seeking a year-round Camp Registrar for our office in Malone! If you know someone who would be perfect for the position, please have them apply by clicking on the employment tab on our webpage.

We’re making the best even better!

Adventure Course and Facility Rentals Available

Your group will participate in a fun ropes course experience that will build self-esteem and promote working together, while building compassion and respect for others and each other’s differences. Several package options are available with some of them including overnight experiences. 4-H Camp Overlook also offers reasonably priced facility rentals that include our new state of the art kitchen in the Great Hall as well as many other buildings and facilities.

Contact Casey Sukeforth, Program Director, at 518-483-7403 or send an email to cls348@cornell.edu for more information.

We hope to see you soon!

2014 Summer Camp Dates

Click the link below for the 2014 Summer Camp Dates.

See you all soon!

2014 Summer Camp Dates

Malone First Grades Attend Conservation Field Days at Camp Overlook

First graders from Malone’s three elementary school recently got to spend a day at 4-H Camp Overlook getting their hands dirty learning about everything from reptiles to plant life.  As part of Cornell Cooperative Extension’s annual “Conservation Field Days,” students, teachers, and parents traveled around camp visiting educational stations led by a variety of presenters including officials from the New York State Forest Ranger service, Franklin County Soil and Water, Adirondack Wildlife, and Cooperative Extension.  Also present was a contingent of highschoolers from Chateaugay Central School who had brought with them activities to engage the younger students in learning about nature.

Providing quality programming for more than forty years, Conservation Field Day, which is sponsored by the Franklin County CCE 4-H Youth Program and supported by Federal, state and private agencies and businesses serving youth and/or offering natural resources and conservation education and outreach has become an annual tradition. The event seeks to give students a hands-on approach to education with the goal of instilling in them at a young age the importance of environmental stewardship.  Ranging in topics from forestry to agriculture to food found in the wild, the program provides area students the opportunity to physically experience many of the subjects they study in school while also allowing them the important experience of learning from individuals who have dedicated their life to protecting the North Country’s natural resources.  At the wild edibles station, led by Extension educator Pat Banker, students get to feel, smell, and even eat a variety of plant life while also learning what is not safe to eat in the woods.  For those more interested in the creeping and crawling, educators from Soil and Water and CCE offered lessons in aquatic wildlife while fans of larger critters were able to see and pet owls, snakes, cows, and even miniature ponies.

Like all 4-H-sponsored youth-focused events, Conservation Field Days are designed to provide kids and young adults with positive educational, physical, mental, social and emotional growth experiences, as well as opportunities in leadership and citizenship development. Conservation Field Day is just one of the many meaningful, exciting opportunities that are offered to this communities’ youth by the Franklin County CCE 4-H youth program throughout the year.  If you attended the Field Days this year and have comments, are interested in attending or presenting during the event next year, or have any questions about the 4-H youth program in Franklin County, contact Steve McDonald at smm384@cornell.edu

For questions regarding rental of the 4-H Camp Overlook facility, the summer camp, or educational programs offered at the camp, please feel free to call the Cornell Cooperative Extension office 518-483-7403 or email Program Director Nate Campbell at nwc27@cornell.edu

Summer Campers Build Benches

building benches

When one arrives at 4-H Camp Overlook during the week, they are guaranteed to be met by two things: a counselor out of breath from running to greet the incoming vehicle and, a wall of noise.  Depending on the time of day, the cacophony could be laughter, singing, gleeful shouting, or, at least for this week, the pleasant sound of kids busily scraping, chopping, and boring wood.  As part of a series of specialty classes offered at Camp Overlook this summer, campers of Week 5 can take part in an Adirondack bench making class.

Led by wood artisan and longtime camp supporter Bill Layman, participants in Overlook’s “Build a Bench” class spend several hours each day learning the art of woodcraft using basic, effective tools such as files, bores, and handheld planes.  Mr. Layman and the camp’s maintenance crew take care of all “modern tech,” doing the necessary power-tool work beforehand which includes cutting timber for the benches themselves and notching limbs to be used for legs.  The tough work of shaving, filing, and sanding the allotted materials, boring leg holes, and finishing the products falls on the soon to be calloused hands of the campers.

Each day, students of Mr. Layman work diligently to shape and smooth the seats and legs of their benches, many of them not arriving at the point of applying finish until the day before departure.  Through the guidance of their teacher and each other, participants discover their ability to create something both strong and beautiful.  The fruits of their hard labor first go on display at the end of the week during camp’s closing ceremony and then travel home with their accomplished builders.

Build a bench is one of four specialty classes offered at camp during the 2013 camping season.  Returning from retirement, past director Jim Tuggey and his wife Linda came back to Overlook for a week this year to instruct campers in First Aid and pillow quilting, respectively.  Former camper, counselor, and long-time kitchen assistant Lisa Buchanon also returned, this year to teach a very popular cooking class in which students learned basic recipes as well as how to operate kitchen tools and measurements.

Serving well over 700 campers and with one week still remaining, 4-H Camp Overlook has had one of its busiest years to date.  Now in its 68th year of operation, the camp is proud of its reputation as a summertime tradition of the North Country that remains an affordable place for youth of any age to come and experience all that the Adirondacks have to offer.  As well as the aforementioned specialty series, Overlook also introduced “Wilderness Survival” to its ever-adapting curriculum this summer.  In this class, students gain useful and lifesaving skills that prepare them as much for a backcountry emergency as a camping adventure with friends.  Participants of the class learn how to build shelters out of natural materials, start fires in any condition, how to collect water with few supplies, and basic survival methods and theories.

For more information on the summer camp at 4-H Camp Overlook or how to rent the facility for your own event, please contact the Cornell Cooperative Extension office of Franklin County at 518-483-4769 or visit 4hcampoverlook.org.

Overlook Welcomes Rotary International Exchange Students

YE students

On the weekend of September 7th, students from around the world converged at 4-H Camp Overlook for Rotary International’s annual orientation retreat.  Combining more than seven languages and ten countries, the group consisted of highschool juniors and seniors and adult leaders, called Rotarians, almost all of whom were just meeting for the first time.  Every fall, Rotary districts in the United States and Canada combine to host a welcoming event in which students who have just returned from an abroad study can meet with youth from across the globe that are coming to stay in their home country.  The veterans help the “inbounds” acclimate to life in North America as well as establish relationships that will be helpful throughout the coming year.

Many of the incoming exchange students found fall in the Adirondacks…. Less than welcoming.  Nonetheless, the group spent much of their time on 4-H Camp’s sprawling ropes course, participating in both low and high elements including the infamous zip line.  The day’s planned activities and programs as well as the relaxing evenings around Overlook’s enormous fireplace brought the group together quickly, making it hard for everyone to say goodbye on the last day.
If you and your crew seek an exciting way to spend a day, a week, or just a weekend in a beautiful Adirondack setting, look no further than Mountain View, NY.  Providing outdoor education, teambuilding programs, and an assortment of individualized classes, 4-H Camp Overlook is the perfect place to learn and grow without going over budget.  Or, for those who seek an affordable facility to hold a wedding, reunion, or large group meeting, Overlook is also available for rent.   With full use of all buildings (including our commercial kitchen), onsite equipment, and access to two lakes, you’ll never be short on space or fun.

For more information on how to rent Camp Overlook, participate in a program, or the summer camp, visit 4hcampoverlook.org or contact Program Director Nate Campbell at nwc27@cornell.edu.

For more information about Rotary International in the North Country and across the globe, visit http://ye.rotary7040.com  or contact Kathy Duley at kcompedge@aol.com

Colton-Pierrepont Makes Annual Trip to Camp Overlook


For the second consecutive year, Colton-Pierrepont Central School brought students and faculty to 4-H Camp Overlook for several days of fun in the sun, team building, and a re-orientation of sorts.  Their attendance this year adds to a long and active history of engagement with the camp, which was reinvigorated in 2012 when the school brought, over the course of the year, all of grades 7-12 to take part in Overlook’s educational outdoor programming.

Attending this year were thirty seventh graders and ten teachers and staff members all of whom got to camp with a mission to grow as individuals and as a middle school team.  Though the students have been in school for almost a month at the time of Colton’s annual retreat, the school sees the experience at Overlook as an opportunity for students to deepen their relationships as classmates and friends, for teachers to connect with their relatively new students in an active, fun way, and for each individual involved to learn and evolve through engagement.  They bring with them clothes, food, a sleeping bag, and an open mind, and essentially let the staff and facility of Camp Overlook handle the task of molding minds.

On day one, the group, many of whom arrived at Overlook for the first time, began by taking a walk around the entire facility to get a feel for what they’d be up against over the next several days.  The sobering reality of the hard, fun work to come initially stuck for many upon first sight of camp’s infamous zip line.  Though it would not be seen again until the last day, the image of that sixty foot climb stuck in the heads of some as a beacon in the days to come and as a long-off goal for many others.

Over the next three days, the group would handle with determination and good humor all that 4-H Camp had to offer it… which, was extensive.  Rope swings, tight wire walks, hard-won games of soccer and 4-square, 40 foot trees to climb, camp fires, cold nights, warm days, delicious meals, and the chance to fly over your teachers and friends were just some of the opportunities the students and staff of CPCS found at Overlook.  Through topic-focused discussions at the end of each new activity and a general, open debrief at the end of each day, themes like team-work, effective communication, acceptance of responsibility, and willingness to challenge your limits came forth from both kids and adults.

Concluding with Overlook’s two highest elements, the Flying Squirrel and the Zip Line, all participants were given the chance to extend their comfort limit and challenge the skills they had cultivated over the days prior.  While not everyone would ultimately reach the top, not one person touched back to earth without thunderous applause of approval from their friends and leaders, proving that all participants had gained the one of the greatest lessons of the camp experience: accept each individual for everything they are (including their fears) and support them for knowing their boundaries and challenging them.

If you or your group are interested in attending 4-H Camp Overlook for educational purpose, as a camper, or to just come and spend a weekend exploring our expansive grounds, please visit our website at 4hcampoverlook.org for more information, or email the Program Director at nwc27@cornell.edu.