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Register for Summer 2019!

We are so excited that registration is open and we are filling fast for Summer 2019! Do not delay in signing up as some weeks and classes fill to capacity well before Spring.

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28 Reasons to Love Camp!

February is the month of love (HELLO VALENTINES DAY!) so we wanted to share with you 28 reasons to love 4-H Camp Overlook.  Follow or Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/4HCampOverlook/) or Instagram (4hcamp_overlook) Page to see the promotion unfold each day!

Summer Camp Registration Opens Feb 1st

2019 postcard back - final

2019 Dates!

Registration for Summer Camp opens February 1st!dates 2019 website

Arrival and Departure Information

CB 1 Arrives Thursday at 10:00 am and Departs Saturday 1:00 pm
CB 2 Arrive Sunday at 1 pm. Depart Tuesday at 1:00 pm

All Traditional Weeks 1-6 Arrive Sunday between 1:00—3:00 pm. Closing Ceremony is 7:00 pm on Friday.


We have been busy planning the 2019 camp season.  We can’t wait for summer to get here!

If you attended camp in 2018 you will automatically receive a postcard and email reminder in January about applying online. You can also visit the camp website anytime after February 1st to sign up!

You can call the Camp Overlook office at 518-483-4769 or email campoverlook@cornell.edu to request  a paper application. All paper forms will be sent out after February 1st.

Paper forms must be accompanied by a check or money order. Credit card payments are accepts only with online applications.

Soon you will be at camp making your 2019 summer camp memories! 




Bokie’s Drive In helps Celebrate 4-H Week

Bokie’s Drive IN in Malone is helping us celebrate National 4-H Week with a 4-H Camp Overlook themed ice cream!

In Celebration (and anticipation) of National 4-H Week, Bokie’s Drive In has created two different 4-H inspired flavors – and it starts TODAY!

The first flavor – Apple Pie – Apple ice cream with pie pieces and caramel swirl- is being offered TODAY through October 6th. The second week will feature 4-H Camp Overlook Campire – Chocolate Ice cream with smore’s pieces and marshmallow swirl. (Offered October 7th – 13th)

A very big THANK YOU to Bokie’s Drive In for promoting 4-H in Franklin County, and to Valerie Wilson Dalton and the Chateaugay Adventures for organizing this great (and delicious) fundraiser!

Scholarship Applications are Due April 15!

Scholarship applications for Summer 2018 are due April 15th. For more information on scholarships and how to apply, please visit our scholarship page, or call our office at 518.483.4769

We hope to see you this summer!

New Classes for 2019

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As the planning stages at 4-H Camp Overlook of summer 2019 are well underway, we have some exciting new classes to share with our campers and parents. Camp Overlook prides itself on blending new classes with classic camp traditions, to create a program that welcomes new campers and families while being a place generations come back to year after year. Summer camp is a place where the learning is hands on, and the skills acquired last a lifetime!  Many of camps traditional classes still run every year, and often bring new innovations to make them better than ever. This year we are bringing a few new classes to add variety to our regular programming,


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Camp Registration for Summer 2018 is OPEN!


We look forward to seeing you this summer!  To apply online, click HERE

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Dates for Summer 2018!

We are so excited for summer to get here! Registration for camp opens February 1st.

2018 Summer Camp Dates for Website

4-H Camping Program Promotes Positive Youth Development

As the weather turns warmer and the school year winds down, many families’ thoughts turn to what to do with the long summer break.  While there is a wide variety of activities for youth, there is nothing that matches the magic, fun, and personal growth that happens at Summer Camp.  Our 4-H Camping program at Camp Overlook focuses on Positive Youth Development (PYD).   PYD Programs seek to empathize with, educate, and engage children in productive activities. Did you know that 4’Hers are 4 times more likely than their peers to give back to their community?  That is no happy accident!  At camp we are intentional in our program, helping campers understand their role, place, and value in our community.

The 4-H mottos “to Make the Best Better” reflects the positive youth development approach of 4-H. Positive youth development stresses building on the strengths that campers already have, rather than on the prevention of possible youth problems. The focus on PYD began when researchers realized the importance of empowering youth in their own development through relationships with peers, mentors, family, school and community. We see this in the way that 4-H Camps empower youth to be active participants in our program through problem-solving, decision-making, critical thinking, teamwork, leadership skills, and of course, fun. Our 4-H Camping program focuses on positive and sustained relationships between youth and young adults, activities that build important life skills, and opportunities for youth to use these skills as participants and leaders in valued community activities at camp.

4-H is a community of seven million young people around the world learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills. Interested in coming to 4-H Camp this summer?  There are some last minute spaces available for this summer, but don’t delay as weeks are filling fast! Visit www.4hcampoverlook.org to sign up. Or you can call our office at 518.483.4769.