Pre-Arrival COVID testing

Pre-Arrival COVID testing

Cornell Cooperative Extension / NYS 4-H Camps will be doing prearrival PCR testing of all staff and overnight campers, regardless of vaccination status.

Through the coordination of the NYS 4-H Office, we have contracted with Grapefruit Testing LLC to administer a testing program for our campers AT NO COST.

For more information on the Grapefruit and their COVID Testing, please see this Grapefruit testing welcome information

The google form below must be filled out by for each camper at least 2 weeks before the start of their time at camp.

Thank you for helping us ensure we have a safe and FUN summer! 


For the most up to date regulations, released June 7th (included updated guidelines on mask wearing for vaccinated and unvaccinated staff and campers), visit:

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