Summer Camp Classes for 2017

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As the planning stages at 4-H Camp Overlook of summer 2017 are well underway, we have some excited new classes to share with our campers and parents. Camp Overlook prides itself on blending new classes with classic camp traditions, to create a program that welcomes new campers and families while being a place generations come back to year after year. Summer camp is a place where the learning is hands on, and the skills acquired last a lifetime!  Many of camps traditional classes still run every year, and often bring new innovations to make them better than ever. This year we are bringing a few new classes to add variety to our regular programming,

One of our most exciting changes this summer is that we are offering our very popular cooking class all 6 weeks! Feedback from campers and parents alike was they wanted more opportunity for campers to take the class and we listened – Class size is limited each week, so sign up early to get your spot. Our cooking class lets campers learn basic cooking and baking techniques eat their delicious creations. We are also introducing a new camp garden and gardening class for this summer, where participants will learn more about where their food comes from, get hands on experience gardening, and even taste what our garden produces. Camper will get a chance to become reporters, interview other campers and staff, and take photos for a camp newspaper which will be available in print and online at the end of the week, as part of our new camp newspaper class.

Down on the shooting sports range, we will be offering an Advanced Air Gun class.  This class is for campers 11 and up who have already taken a year of Air Gun and want to further their skills. These campers will learn new shooting positions and have new advanced challenges, as well as more shooting time on the range. For campers who cannot get enough of our Wilderness Survival Class, our new Pathfinder class will be a chance to put their skills to the test.  Offered weeks 2, 3 & 5, the Pathfinder class will be offered to campers of all ages and serves as a great stepping stone into backpacking and camping. On Wednesday afternoon Pathfinder campers will even hike to the top of Owls Head Mountain to put some of their new knowledge to the test and cook a meal on top of a mountain!

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