New for 2017, MAAP program to focus on wilderness education and tripping

4H Camp Overlook is always trying to find new ways to engage campers with exciting programs every summer. To offer more variety and education in the outdoors we’ve added a new three tier backpacking program to camp life.

Years ago we’ve had outing programs similar to this which introduced campers to the wonders of the Adirondacks. We’re now bringing it back to cater to campers who have an interest in exploring the wilderness. This program is called M.AA.P.’s, an acronym for Mountaineer, Alpine Adventures, and Pathfinder.


For campers who want to gain some experience and knowledge of camping and backpacking but still want to be a full participant in camp life our Pathfinder class is perfect. It provides a one class (of the five you sign up for at camp) per day instruction of the basic skills in backcountry camping such as, pitching a tent, building a fire, learning how to pack proper gear, orienteering, leave no trace principles, and campers will spend an afternoon hiking the nearby mountain Owls Head and experience a meal in the backcountry. Pathfinder is the perfect way to dip your toes into backcountry hiking and backpacking while staying a part of regular summer camp life. The Pathfinders section of the M.AA.P.’s program is open to campers of all ages, and is a class that will be offered weeks 2, 3 & 5 of Traditional camp programming. 

The second step in the M.A.A.Ps program is called Alpine Adventures. This program allows campers to spend half their time at camp and half their time in the Adirondack high peaks region. The goal of this program is to familiarize youth with the skills needed to camp and hike in the backcountry.  The first part of the week campers will dedicate their day time classes to planning and preparing for their two day trip which includes brushing up on Leave No Trace principles, pitching tents, packing gear, orienteering, and backcountry cooking.  Campers will go into this trip with set goals in mind and the drive to accomplish them. The Alpine Adventures program is perfect for an introduction in to backcountry camping and hiking as the campers will hike at least one of the 46 high peaks in the Adirondacks. Alpine Adventures is open for campers ages 11 and up as a separate program they register for.  Alpine Adventures will be held weeks 1 & 6 of traditional camp.

Finally, the Mountaineering program will give our older campers a complete backpacking experience spending four nights and five days in the Adirondack wilderness. Mountaineer campers will dive directly in to programming once they enter camp. The campers tent on site the first night as they prepare for the weeks adventures and get to know their fellow Mountaineer bunch.  Our specially trained staff will lead mountaineer campers on an outdoor education experience they will never forget.  The Mountaineering program is open to campers ages 14 and up and is a separate program campers would register. Mountaineer will run week 4 of traditional camp. 

For more information, visit the M.A.A.Ps section of the website 

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